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What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a system of training and certification in a trade.  Based on the needs of the industry, apprenticeship involves a formal agreement between an employee who wants to learn a skill and an employer who needs a skilled worker.  This formal apprenticeship agreement is registered with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission.  The apprenticeship agreement sets out the responsibilities and obligations of the employer and the apprentice, and the period of training. Advanced standing may be awarded for previous work experience and training.

Apprenticeship training is the formal system of training in which the employee learns the skills of a trade while being employed in the trade and building a career.  On-the-job training is combined with technical training.  Apprentices spend approximately 80% of their time working on the job and learning from a certified journeyperson.  This practical training is reinforced with periods of theoretical and technical training, usually at a technical institute. Apprenticeship training ranges from two to five years, depending on the trade.

Highly skilled workers are in demand.  Employers need workers with up-to-date, technical skills to help them compete and profit in a global market.  As you progress in your apprenticeship program, you will receive regular wage increases.

When your training is complete and you pass a journeyperson examination, you will already have a good paying job and a bright future.

Apprenticeship opens doors to other opportunities too. The skills you will learn in your apprenticeship are portable.  You can move anywhere in the province and, through the national "Red Seal" certification program, anywhere in the country!  Some journeypersons start their own business.  Some work in the trade or become teachers, trade instructors, or sales representatives.

Apprenticeship leads to quality jobs -- now and in the future.

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Trade Information

On the Job Training

Apprenticeship Training

How Apprenticeship Works

Apprenticeship is available to persons already working in a trade. Specific details of apprenticeships vary from one trade to another.

How do I get started? What steps do I take?

  1. Stay in school. Most employers prefer to hire high school graduates with courses in mathematics, science and communications.
  2. Contact the Apprenticeship and Trade Certification office in your area for information about specific trades and entrance requirements.
  3. Find an employer or union willing to provide training and supervision to you as an apprentice.  The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification office will help you and your employer sign a formal apprenticeship contract.  This contract is registered with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission.  Now you are ready to start.
  4. Complete the required term of apprenticeship.
  5. Attend technical training for the required number of weeks each year in order to receive theory, testing, and hands-on experience, some of which may not be available on the job.

What does it cost to become an apprentice?

Tuition - $30.00 per week (partial or full week equivalent; minimum $120.00).  Technical training is an average of 8 weeks per year.

How long is the training program?

Most apprenticeship training takes two to five years to complete, depending on the trade. And remember, you earn a good income while you learn.

Where can I get more information?Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
Toll-Free: 1-877-363-0536