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October 28th, 2008

Dunmac won the Heritage Architecture Excellence Award for Education Signage, Monuments and Interpretation for the Storytelling Chairs Project in Saskatoon.

Value:        $5,100,000.00

Year:         2007

Owner:      City of Saskatoon

Architect:  Stantec Architectural

This historical site dates back to the early 1900's when waves of new immigrants came to settle in the Saskatoon area.  The influx of new immigrants caused a strain to the Saskatoon residents so they decided to build an Immigration Hall close to the railway; it would be an inexpensive building that would ease the strain and hardships of everyone.  The old building was demolished, but the foundation is outlined in cobblestone on its original site with 10 storytelling chairs. The chairs are digitally engraved with artwork to tell the story of this historic site.



Our work consisted of construction of addition and renovations to an existing Farmer's Market and the construction of a business incubator to accommodate offices and support services to small business entrepreneurs.  In conjunction with the redevelopment of the Farmer's Market a concept plan was initiated for the Market Square. The Market Square is a public space that will serve as a gateway to the Riversdale Community and the West sector of the River Landing Urban Redevelopment.




 Farmer's Market & Ideas & Storytelling Chairs